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Sorry, registration for the 2024 cohort is now closed.

The Women in WASH Mentorship Program connects junior, mid-career, and senior women working in the water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) sector. The focus is to help junior professionals to develop their skills and support their personal and professional growth with guidance, advice, and feedback from a female mentor.

Please consult our guidelines below for more information.

Program Details

How Does it Work?

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The Women in WASH Mentorship Program will have an online format, and it is free of charge. It is hosted on the PushFar platform.

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For the second phase (2024), we expect to have a maximum of 150 participants — approx. 50 mentors and 100 mentees — and each mentor will typically co-mentor two mentees.

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The mentoring relationship is expected to last for 6 months (April – September 2024); though, engagement between mentors and mentees can of course continue beyond the 6 months if both parties agree.


If either party decides to terminate the mentoring relationship before the 6 months is up, you can do so, but please communicate this to Agenda for Change first.

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The current program (2024), will have two tracks: Traditional and Near-Peer.

About the Mentors

Our first cohort of mentors (2023) were all senior women professionals with experience in the water, sanitation, and/or hygiene (WASH) sectors. They brought a diversity of experiences, skills, and languages to help our mentees through the program.

About the Mentees

Our first cohort of mentees (2023) were a diverse group of young WASH professionals or students, hailing from 12 countries and collectively speaking more than 15 languages.

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