Building Blocks

Institutional Arrangements & Coordination

This building block is strong when: The institutions related to sector policy and planning, service provision, and service authority exist, have clearly defined mandates and roles, and have sufficient capacity. Coordination mechanisms are in place, leading to harmonized action within the WASH sector and with related sectors.

Members are strengthening this building block by:

  • Inspiring government commitment and leadership
  • Strengthening the awareness and commitment of government officials and politicians on certain issues (e.g., sustainability or sanitation)
  • Clarifying ambiguity related to the roles and responsibilities of various actors in the sector and strengthening the mechanisms that bring different stakeholders together
  • Encouraging harmonised approaches and collective action of sector actors
  • Helping to link different levels of government with service authorities and service providers

Read more examples of Members’ work to strengthen this building block (pg. 17). (Español) (Français)

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