Agenda for Change at UNC Water & Health Conference 2018

Agenda for Change at UNC Water & Health Conference 2018

Agenda for Change at UNC Water & Health Conference 2018 1280 730 Agenda for Change

Agenda for Change (A4C) is a collaborative response to the challenge of reaching sustainable service delivery as outlined in SDG 6. Partner organizations apply approaches to build the systems that are necessary to achieve universal access to sustainable WASH services by 2030. Join our partners’ sessions and learn more about their work strengthening WASH systems!

08:30-12:00 How Development Agencies Can Strengthen the WaSH Sector’s Performance in Low Income Countries?
Convened by: WaterAid, IRC, USAID (Dogwood)

16:00-17:00 Monitoring Progress to Sustainable Service Delivery in Rural and Urban Settings
Presentation by: Nick Burn, Water For People (Azalea)

10:30-12:00 Mobilizing Finance for Inclusive and Sustainable Rural Sanitation Services
Convened by: World Bank, Thrive, WaterAid (Mountain Laurel)

16:00-17:00 Development of an M&E framework for implementing organizations
Presentation by: Andrea Hatch, Splash International (Bellflower)

08:30-10:00 Sustaining Rural Water Supplies in the East African Lowlands: Risks, Innovation and Rewards
Convened by: AECOM, UNICEF ESARO, IRC, Millennium Water Alliance (Mountain Laurel)

10:30-12:00 Moving Beyond Community Towards Utilities – Management Models for Delivering Rural Water Services
Convened by: WaterAid, IRC, Water For People (Mountain Laurel)

14:30-15:30 Factors That Influence Use of Monitoring Data for Informing Evidence-Based Decision-Making
Presentation by: Marieke Adank, IRC (Bellflower)

16:00-17:00 Seeding the Sanitation Supply Chain in India – A Light Touch Leads to High Returns
Presentation by: Kate Sawyer, WFP (Dogwood)

08:30-10:00 Data Driven Government Planning and Priorities
Convened by: Water For People, CARE (Sunflower)

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